Friday, 21 September 2007

Project Management Workshop

Clive and I ran a JISC infoNet Project Management Workshop in Glasgow yesterday. The delegates were mostly from libraries and I'd amended our usual scenario that activities for the day are based on to one concerning a library moving premises.

We had some interesting moments with the venue's ceiling mounted data projector overheating and turning itself off every half hour, but we tried to time it so that we could start an activity when it was due to go off and there was only one awkward moment.

The delegates seemed to appreciate the day - lots of comments on the feedback forms of which these are a representative sample:

Future projects will undoubtedly be governed by today's presentation. Invaluable.

One of the most worthwhile courses I've ever been to.

The delegate pack of materials was excellent, one of the best I've seen.

Very useful and informative. Made projects and their organisation much less frightening.

JISC infoNet offers a range of one-day workshops to the Further and Higher Education sectors in the UK.

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