Monday, 1 October 2007

Workshop Writing

I'm about to start writing JISC infoNet's new workshop - Project Management Masterclass.

This takes the Project Management techniques delivered in our original Project Management Workshop into senior management territory and explores in depth, things like turning strategy into projects, portfolio management, management by exception etc.

We have always used the same tool for putting workshops together and it's a very simple one. We take a flip chart (or a wall) and cover it in post-it notes.

The different colours represent different delivery tools or activities during the workshop.

The blue notes are for "TALK" (not "TRUC", yes I know it looks a bit like that at the bottom...)

The yellow notes represent a shout-out session, where delegates are asked to give answers to a question, opinions on a point, or feedback.

The pink notes represent an activity that the delegates will undertake either singly or in groups.

Ensuring that there is not a whole bunch blue notes together can help your lesson or workshop motor along without risking delegates or students getting bored.

Quite often during the shout-out sessions I will write down any delegate points on-screen using Word. This can be minimised afterwards but then contains a record if I want to come back to a point someone made during the workshop or we can put the delegates' feedback online afterwards where they can compare it with previous groups' feedback.

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