Thursday, 19 March 2009

Trialling of Collaborative Online Tools for BCE

I'm on the second day of a 2-day meeting in Birmingham, being a start-up meeting for JISC's Trialling of Collaborative Online Tools for BCE - 'BCE' being Business & Community Engagement. The project partners are from the Further Education Colleges and University sectors and there have been some excellent sessions introducing the partners to each other, from JISC Advisory Services introducing the partners to the types of support they can call upon or access online and some great hints and tips on a host of topics, from Project Management (myself and colleague, Clive Alderson) to a couple of top tips on the use of video cameras from Steve Hunt of JISC Digital Media.

The project is being led by another of my colleagues from JISC infoNet, Jacquie Kelly and other Advisory Services present have been JISC Legal, JISC Netskills and JISC TechDis.

The idea of the start-up meetings for JISC projects is to give project partners an opportunity to network with each other, to share ideas, make contacts and collectively solve gerneric problems.

As I write, delegates are involved in an exercise to identify both individual stakeholders and stakeholder groups, to then consider how best to engage with and communicate with them. This exercise is based on materials from JISC infoNet's Project Management and Change Management infoKits.

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