Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Project Managers: Who Needs 'Em?

Interesting article with the above title written by Rebecca Waters and published at Exec Digital.

Rebecca gives a short history of project management and discusses what it is that a project manager can bring to a project in terms of skills and a dedicated approach - by which she means that they don't have to dedicate any time to 'the day job'.

Lots of people managing projects in colleges and universities are not so lucky as to be dedicated to just the project. If you are in that situation, then having a structured methodology can help you in terms of giving you a framework to remind you to consider various aspects that can be missed.

A framework prods you to think about 'x' or to consider 'y'. It doesn't demand that you laboriously write down in triplicate, or fill out template documents for every little thing. What it does do is ask you to consider whether you need to write something down, depending on whether you are likely to forget because the project is a long one (over ten minutes means I should write stuff down!); whether anyone else will need to know it, given the likelihood of you not being there, or whether they will need the information more quickly than finding you and asking you would take.

If such a framework would benefit you, JISC infoNet have one available for free within their P3M infoKit.

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