Monday, 17 May 2010

A Change Timeline

Last Wednesday I spent 13 hours putting an audio commentary together and producing a short video to cover the fact I'd double-booked myself on Thursday. It took a long time but was actually really good fun to do and I'm told that the video in particularly went down really well!

The two clashing events were last Thursday, the longer standing one a session on managing Change brought about by introducing IT into Libraries. It was for this event I did the video, which is along the lines of a short activity I did at a similar event in the South West some time ago and I mentioned the topic in an entry here in December 2009.

The other event took me to London to speak to the Employer Engagement Exchange Group, headed by the Higher Education Academy. From there I headed up to Glasgow, on the way speaking to the co-ordinator of the other event who told me the audio and particularly the video had gone down "a storm" and that people were wanting to be able to download it... Must have been better than me being in person by the sounds of it...!

On Friday I ran a Project Management workshop in Glasgow and worked the video into it to see what would happen. People laughed in all the right places and there was a round of applause at the end that was very gratifying!

It's hand-held and horribly wobbly and the title reflects more the original conference subject than the video content. So for Change Management read Benefits Management.

So of course, it's been uploading whilst I wrote this, so have a look...

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